The Master Data Builder
Professional and Consulting Services
The NetGen Software team offers support and services designed to address a complete life cycle of the clients’
development and solution building process. Whether clients decide to adopt NetGen’s open source Master Person Data
Management platform for their specific enterprise solution or engage NetGen Software as a consulting service,  we  
guarantee high-quality, rapid, efficient and effective results through innovative technical development and deep
understanding of clients goals.
Services Available
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Proof of concept prototyping
Automatic upgrades for commercial products
Email, phone and on-site technical support
Go-live Production support
Troubleshooting and incident support
Application performance tuning
Match Algorithms Parameters tuning
Data profiling and cleaning
Built-in problem tracking and resolution
Solution and Application architecture, design and implementation
Product customization and enhancements
Build, configuration and installation procedures
IHE and NHIN Adapters customization and support
Database tuning including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL & DB2
SOA governance including integration with Microsoft .NET and J2EE based middleware