The Master Data Builder
Oracle Products Consulting Services
The NetGet Software team has hands-on experience developing Oracle products. Now as Oracle Golden Partner, we
enhance cooperation with our clients by providing enterprise grade solutions and consulting services for these Oracle

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality
Oracle Enterprise Data Quality is an integrated suite of data quality tools that provide an end-to-end solution to
measure, improve, and manage the quality of data from any domain, including customer and product data. Oracle offering
unparalleled ease of use.
NetGen Software focuses on applying this tools to the customer domain data such as Patients,
Providers, Pharmacies, Clinics, Organization, etc.

Oracle Healthcare Master Person Index (Oracle Healthcare MPI)
The Oracle Healthcare Master Person Index is an integral suite of master person index tools designed to generate a
consistent view of person data based using  specific healthcare information applications and systems. The suite
implements the IHE integration profiles on the top of the master person index core engines. The Oracle Healthcare
Master Person Index is originated from the Sun Microsystems MDM technology.
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