The Master Data Builder
iOpen Master Person Data Management (MPDM) Platform as OEM
Using the OEM version of the NetGen iOpen MPDM software is a fast and proven way of tuning a proprietary master
person index software into an enterprise solution and a product.  The OEM version is available as a complete MPI platform
or as a set of aggregated components including newly developed features or enhancements. The NetGen team has
experience and knowledge to help clients customize the master person data management in a way that suits the end
user best.

The Master Person Index technology for the Healthcare community  is complex. Its practical applications are  manifold.
Interoperability requirements demand in-depth knowledge of the underlying data. NetGen OEM services provide cost-
effective, reliable and optimum path to harness this development process.  NetGen OEM services’ objective is to make
Master Person Index technology work for our clients.
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