NetGen Software is a software development and consulting team specializing
in building person-centric master data hubs and applications, entity resolution
algorithms and in facilitating
information exchange in the Healthcare IT

iOpen Master Person Data Management (MPDM) open source technology
provides a complete set of master person index (MPI) capabilities and allows
for a wide application of enterprise solutions in the Healthcare community.

iOpen MPDM Adapter open source tools enable integration of the
existing health information systems with the Nationwide Health Information
Network (
NHIN), the Integrating Health Enterprise (IHE) profiles and Health
Information Exchange (

Through our professional and consulting  services
, we serve the healthcare
community as architecture and design experts, a software development
power house, interoperability developers and a person-centric MDM in-depth
knowledge center.  
The Master Data Builder
May 2013 - NetGen Software helped to deliver
multi-domain MPI solutions integrating
with the CDA platform to one of the largest
pharmaceutical companies in the world.

March 2012 - A new Mural 2.0 NHIN CONNECT
MPI Adapter is available from
Mural 2.0 community. This NHIN Adapter
supports the NHIN CONNECT 3.3 and NHIN
patient discovery specification v2.0.

February 2012 - A new Mural 2.0
OpenPixPDQ MPI Adapter is available
Mural 2.0 community. The Adapter
provides a complete open source solution
of IHE Integration profiles by combining
OHT OpenExchange open source products.

January 2012 - The next generation of
Mural Master Data Management open
source -
Mural 2.0 - is released.  Mural 2.0
brings Sun Mural open source MDM product
up to date. In addition,it supports multiple
platforms and multi-domain relationship
management. See the complete details on
Mural 2.0 and join the community

September 2011 - NetGen Software delivers
the Mural-based Chinese version of the
data profiling and cleansing solutions to
the Medicine and Drug Exchange Data
Center in China through its partner
Wicresoft, one of top China IT outsourcing
service providers.

September 2011 - NetGen Software  
contributes the platform upgrades to the

Mural MDM open source

July 2011 - NetGen Software provides the
Mural-based master data management
solutions and service to a nationwide
leading health care organization.

March 2011 - Release of the Mural-based
Master Index solution is released to
in France.       
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