The Master Data Builder
NetGen Software is a software development and consulting team specializing in the area of enterprise software design
and development. Our business is based on proven open source technologies enhanced by our cutting-edge innovations.
NetGen Software is located in California, USA.

Our focus is on delivering a standard-based, open-source Master Person Data Management technology, person-centric
MDM solutions and services to the Healthcare community.  Our technology takes root in the SUN Microsystems open-
source MDM suite. We provide open-source and enterprise-level solutions such as the Mural-based iOpen Master Person
Data Management platform, iOpen IHE and NHIN MPI adapter tools. Our constant and extensive enrichment of the Master
Person Data Management technology creates
a more reliable, scalable and complete base that allows for wider
application in the Healthcare community. To our clients we provide the benefits of our extensive knowledge and
experience on all levels of enterprise software development — architecture, design, implementation and consulting.

We created NetGen after decades of contributing to SeeBeyond, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Goggle, Deloitte LLP as
architects, designers and developers. We built our expertise while implementing Master Data Management technology,
SOA and ESB middleware, Java EE, databases, SOA Governance, data and middleware integration and much more. We
continue to stay ahead on the technology path by incorporating our transformative innovations to service and support
our clients.

We passionate about bringing innovative technology into the Healthcare community. We passionate about making this
technology provide cost-effective, reliable and optimum for building enterprise solutions. We passionate about sharing
our innovations with the open source community.
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